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BrideVice Vol. X – The Big Day

It’s FINALLY here! The day all your preparation and planning has worked towards. You’re marrying your best friend. Many brides get caught up in all there is to do the day of the wedding and feel that it was all a blur. Oak Management offers these tips...

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BrideVice Vol. IX – Getting Dolled Up

Oh, the bridal beautification process. It doesn't start the day of the wedding, but rather months of preparation and appointments. Brides should know what to expect from their hairstylists, makeup artists and other services that are being done. Hair For brides getting their hair done professionally: Compile a portfolio of different hairstyles you’d like for your wedding day....
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BrideVice Vol. VIII – Rehearsal Dinner

Happy Wedding Eve! Rehearsal dinners generally take place the night before your wedding in preparation of the ceremony. This event can be as small or large as you’d like. Keep it consistent with your wedding. What should you expect from a rehearsal dinner? Well, let us tell you: First, pick a location. Rehearsal dinner doesn’t have...
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BrideVice Vol. VII – Choosing a Photographer

Obviously, once your wedding day is over with you’re pretty much left with the pictures to look back on. You want to have the highest quality photos out there, right? Don’t regret your decision with the photographer you choose because you’re left with those pictures to reminisce...

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