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Atlanta has “The Masters.” We have the “YOUR NAME HERE” Open. That’s because – with the variety of courses we have – you can create your own golf outing. Heck, you might even start your own “green blazer” tradition. After all, this is YOUR golf outing, and we’re committed to helping you get exactly what you want!

You bring the people, we’ll make it a picnic.
You know how it goes. A “picnic” is only a picnic for those attending. If you’re the one having to put it on, it’s something else entirely. That’s where “the Oaks” comes in. We’ll handle everything. From planning the menu, to fixing the food, to delivering it wherever you are, to cleaning up after.
Give your employees a reason to work through lunch.
Want to increase your employees’ productivity? No, we don’t do corporate training. We do something with a little more meat…and cheese! We provide corporate dining services to companies throughout the metro area. We also offer:

  • Concessions
  • Vending Services
  • Complete, turnkey corporate dining services
Think out-of-the-box (lunch).
OK. You’ve got the company’s “brain trust” for a day…and you know they’re going to be hungry. With your career on the line, what do you do? Call us. We may not know office politics, but we know how to make them happy. It’s a simple, collaborative formula: you feed their egos, we’ll feed them lunch.

In the last few years, film production companies have been coming to Michigan for their shoots. The state serves up the perfect economic climate while we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. In fact, we’re available for complete craft services. With “the Oaks” on the set, when you say “it’s a wrap,” all we need to know is “white, or whole wheat?”
“…our event for the Romeo Jr. Bulldogs was a spectacular night to remember…I have had several phone calls remarking on how it was the smoothest year yet…we will be back next year for sure…” - Stacey O.
“…thanks for providing us with some of the best service we’ve ever received… everything was perfect and the food fantastic…” - April M. & Judy C.
“…you all are to be complimented for being so attuned as to what needed to be done…” - Carol U.
“…I know you get letters like this all the time…everyone on your staff is A+…” - Kurt & Renee G
Use the links on the left to check out our venues and menus. Then contact or call us today at (248.693.8305), and see how easy it is to go from “what you always wanted to do” to sending out invitations for that special event.
Is your schedule flexible? If so, click here for special rates on newly available dates.

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