BrideVice Vol. X – The Big Day

BrideVice Vol. X – The Big Day

It’s FINALLY here! The day all your preparation and planning has worked towards. You’re marrying your best friend. Many brides get caught up in all there is to do the day of the wedding and feel that it was all a blur. Oak Management offers these tips for an amazing wedding day:

Get plenty of sleep the night before. We know it will be tough, but you’ll look more rested for your pictures and (obviously) not feel so drained and exhausted on your special day.

Allow enough time in between appointments. Feeling rushed is the last thing you’ll want on the day of your wedding. Your mind is in so many different places throughout the day – don’t add to your stress with running late.

Take it all in. Don’t just go through the motions of your big day. Take a minute, stop and realize what you’re going through. Trust us.

Smile. Everyone is watching you (especially the photographer).

Don’t fret – let others handle it. If a situation arises let someone else deal with it. You don’t have time to put out fires – that’s why you have bridesmaids!

Enjoy yourself. Remember this is YOUR day. It’s your celebration with the love of your life. Congrats!

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