BrideVice Vol. IX – Getting Dolled Up

BrideVice Vol. IX – Getting Dolled Up

Oh, the bridal beautification process. It doesn't start the day of the wedding, but rather months of preparation and appointments. Brides should know what to expect from their hairstylists, makeup artists and other services that are being done.


For brides getting their hair done professionally:

Compile a portfolio of different hairstyles you’d like for your wedding day. Consider styles that are “you.” The last thing you want on your wedding day is to not feel comfortable with your appearance.

Make a trial appointment with a hairstylist.

Book your final appointment with a trusted hairstylist well in advance.

For brides doing their own hair:

Again, compile a portfolio of hairstyles that you’ll be able to accomplish on your own.

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Don’t wait until the morning of your wedding day to experiment with different hairstyles. Be confident in your capabilities and know exactly how you will style it.


First, keep in mind ANY allergies you have of makeup products and their formulas. It’s strongly advised to stay away from testing out new products closer to your wedding day. If you do run into any reactions you’ll want to have plenty of time to recuperate.

For the brides getting their makeup done professionally:

Compile a portfolio of different looks that suit you and your style. Try not to stray away from a look that doesn’t represent you on your wedding day.

For the brides doing their own makeup:

Compile a portfolio of looks that you’ll be able to accomplish on your own.

Again, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Do not wait until the day before your wedding to experiment with different looks.

Invest in makeup products that will look best in pictures and long wearing.


If you’re going for a “sun kissed” look on your wedding day – plan ahead! Many brides have been going the air brushed route and avoiding tanning beds. If you do decide on air brush tanning it’s best to have done a couple days before your wedding to ensure there is no streaking.

For the self-tanners: have someone help you to do a thorough job and avoid ALL possibilities of streaking. We’d advise you to leave this to the professionals!


Mani and pedi for your big day? Of course! It’s best to get done before your spray/airbrush tan. Manicures and pedicures will take away from your color with the water and exfoliation.


In any waxing procedure you’re having done make sure you know ahead of time that you will not have any sort of reaction to the wax. Again, it’s best to do a trial run before the big day.

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