BrideVice Vol. VII – Choosing a Photographer

BrideVice Vol. VII – Choosing a Photographer

Obviously, once your wedding day is over with you’re pretty much left with the pictures to look back on. You want to have the highest quality photos out there, right? Don’t regret your decision with the photographer you choose because you’re left with those pictures to reminisce on. Consider these points when choosing who’ll be capturing your special moments:

Set a Budget

Clearly, don’t get over your head with how much you’re going to be spending. Get the most bang for your buck. Don’t set your heart on a business or person that you cannot afford (only makes for disappointment).

Get Referrals

Ask around to those who have recently gotten married and find out who they used. Ask what their experience was like, how much, and their satisfaction.


Prepare a list of certain poses and shots you want for your engagement and wedding pictures. This is your day so be vocal and up front about what you expect in your photos.


Make sure to examine their portfolio. If you’re not crazy with their work then don’t settle. They may be within your budget, but so are other photographers.


Finally, don’t choose the first photographer you meet with. They could be who you end up with, but be sure to shop around. Compare prices, work and compatibility. Make sure you feel comfortable with them because they’ll be with you all day!

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