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BrideVice Vol. VI – Floral Frenzy

Yes, more decisions regarding your big day! Don’t put your floral decisions on the back burner (they’re important too). Flower arrangements can get a bit pricey so make sure to keep your budget in mind. Tips: Many couples typically allot three percent of their total wedding budget for their flowers and décor, but do what works best for...
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BrideVice Vol. V – For the Ladies Throwing a Bridal Shower

It’s most likely that up to this point the future bride has been overloaded and bombarded with decisions of every little aspect pertaining to her big day. The bridal shower shouldn’t be a stressful day for her. The planning and preparation falls on you! Sorry, bridesmaids!   Focus on these points to begin the planning: Theme –...
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BrideVice Vol. IV – Saying “Yes to the Dress”

Other than marrying the love of your life your wedding dress is one of the most anticipated aspects of your wedding day. The dress should represent you. It should match your personality, make you feel comfortable and give you a feeling of certainty that this is THE dress. Where do you even begin your search for the...
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BrideVice Vol. III: Organization is Key

It’s not really understood what goes into planning a wedding until you’re actually doing it. Overwhelming? Yes. Minor details? Yes. Expensive, time consuming and stressful? Absolutely! Keep in mind this all leads up to your WEDDING DAY. You’ll soon be saying “I do” to the love of your life. All the preparation and planning will...
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