Community Events

Integral part of a healthy and vibrant community

Community events are an integral part of a healthy and vibrant community. They give people in your community a chance to interact with each other in an informal, friendly and fun environment. There are numerous different reasons for why you may want to organize a community event.

All in the family.

You know how you always wanted to get the whole family together and just enjoy one another’s company without all the hassles of where to go and what to serve? Well, now you can, because we’re here to handle everything. From reunions to Bar Mitzvahs, celebrations to memorials, “the Oaks” has it all.

This service can be applied to the next venues:

“…we are still reeling from the incredible retirement party you catered last night…we look forward to many more special occasions with you and know that each one will be terrific…” - Sue
Use the links on the left to check out our venues and menus. Then contact or call us today at (248.693.8305), and see how easy it is to go from “what you always wanted to do” to sending out invitations for that special event.
Is your schedule flexible? If so, click here for special rates on newly available dates.

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