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Oak Management provides excellent banquets, weddings, golf outings, golf course management and more…

Oak Management

Since 1974, Oak Management has developed a wealth of experience in the food service, restaurant and golf industries. It is from this experience that Oak Management formulates the quality food and golf experiences that our guests have come to know and expect from an Oak Management operation.
Looking for the perfect place for your perfect day? Look no further. We offer a choice of venues, menus and service that’s exactly what you’re looking for first class all the way. Our all-inclusive packages start as low as $45 per person and that includes room rental, service charge and sales tax. We will even prepare a custom menu to meet both your tastes and your budget.

Let us help you start planning your special day, beginning right now. Check out our 3 locations – Addison Oaks(Buhl Estate), Bay Pointe, and Glen Oaks.

From 50 to 10,000 people or more, we make planning for your wedding an enjoyable experience in every possible way. In fact, the only hard part will be deciding which of our convenient locations you want for your reception.

Call us to check availability today at 248.693.8305. Then relax. This is going to be fun!

Community Events
Community events are an integral part of a healthy and vibrant community. They give people in your community a chance to interact with each other in an informal, friendly and fun environment. There are numerous different reasons for why you may want to organize a community event.

You know how you always wanted to get the whole family together and just enjoy one another’s company without all the hassles of where to go and what to serve? Well, now you can, because we’re here to handle everything. From reunions to Bar Mitzvahs, celebrations to memorials, “the Oaks” has it all.

Sports Events
Sports Banquets
From Little League baseball to college football, girls’ gymnastics to alumni banquets and more, “the Oaks” has become an end-of-the-season ritual for any number of sports’ clubs and organizations over the years. We offer: 

A choice of 3 Venues
Complete catering with affordably designed sports banquets
Great selection and price

Golf Course Management
When it comes to turnkey golf and country club management, Oak Management is in a class all its own, with over 35 years of experience in the business. We offer unique and proven solutions dedicated to maximizing the ownership return and customer experience, including:

Site Audits and Assessments
Financial Review
Secret Shoppers
Employee/Management Evaluation
Revenue/Price Review
Outsource Solution Assessments
Property and Operational Consulting
Compensation Analysis

Oak Management’s staff includes certified U.S. Golf Association Superintendents and P.G.A. professionals.

Picnics and Pavilions
You know how it goes. A “picnic” is only a picnic for those attending. If you’re the one having to put it on, it’s something else entirely. That’s where “the Oaks” comes in. We’ll handle everything. From planning the menu, to fixing the food, to delivering it wherever you are, to cleaning up after.
Corporate Dining
Want to increase your employees’ productivity? No, we don’t do corporate training. We do something with a little more meat…and cheese! We provide corporate dining services to companies throughout the metro area. We also offer:

Vending Services
Complete, turnkey corporate dining services

Corporate Events
OK. You’ve got the company’s “brain trust” for a day…and you know they’re going to be hungry. With your career on the line, what do you do? Call us. We may not know office politics, but we know how to make them happy. It’s a simple, collaborative formula: you feed their egos, we’ll feed them lunch.
Oak Management

Oak Management has 2 venues to make your wedding or event special. Addison Oaks (Buhl Estate) and Glen Oaks Golf Club. Oak Management has been providing premier events since 1974

Select one of our Venues:

Addison Oaks (Buhl Estate)
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Glen Oaks Golf Club
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