BrideVice Vol. III: Organization is Key

BrideVice Vol. III: Organization is Key

It’s not really understood what goes into planning a wedding until you’re actually doing it. Overwhelming? Yes. Minor details? Yes. Expensive, time consuming and stressful? Absolutely! Keep in mind this all leads up to your WEDDING DAY. You’ll soon be saying “I do” to the love of your life. All the preparation and planning will make your big day perfect.

You’ll have a month of downtime followed by a month of nonstop appointments, decisions and deadlines. How can you possibly stay sane during this time? Here’s how: get organized and stay organized! A binder is the perfect way for you to keep track of every aspect of your wedding.
Arrange your binder with different sections that fit you and your wedding. We recommend starting with these sections:

1. Deadlines & Dates
- Payments
- Fittings
- Appointments, etc.

2. Receipts


3. Budget
It's imperative to be aware of how much you’ve spent and plan on spending

4. Itinerary – plan out the following days:
- Engagement Party
- Bridal Shower
- Bachelorette Party
- Rehearsal dinner
- Wedding Day


5. Questions
Anything you’re questioning – ask! From venues, to wedding gowns and limos. If you’d prefer a slight change then inquire about it to see what can be done.


Staying organized will keep you in the loop of what’s going on and when. Happy planning!

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