BrideVice Vol. IV – Saying “Yes to the Dress”

BrideVice Vol. IV – Saying “Yes to the Dress”

Other than marrying the love of your life your wedding dress is one of the most anticipated aspects of your wedding day. The dress should represent you. It should match your personality, make you feel comfortable and give you a feeling of certainty that this is THE dress.

Where do you even begin your search for the perfect dress? An overwhelming process for many, but it’s important to cherish each moment. Consider s few things for a successful search:

1. Pinterest

Get ideas, pin them, save pictures – anything you can bring to your appointment to give your consultant an idea will be beneficial to you both. They’ll have an idea to work off and better understand your style.

2. Research

Do your homework. Know which designers each boutique carries. If you’re not crazy about any of the designers it might be a waste of time for everyone involved.

3. Style & Body Type

It’s your body, so you know what style flatters you and what doesn’t. You may not know which style would best suite you, but knowing what doesn’t accentuate your best features definitely helps.

4. Questions

Be aware of the process as a whole. How long do alterations take? Can certain aspects of two different dresses be combined? Can certain embellishments of the dress be taken off? Anything you can think of – ask!

5. Entourage

A second set of eyes is always helpful. Take a few loved ones to your appointment. No need to bring all your bridesmaids. Bring the people who will give you an honest opinion. Remember, it’s YOUR wedding dress. Don’t get lost in the opinions of others.

Happy Shopping!

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